About Us

Who We Are

INITIATIVE 4 IT CAPACITY BUILDING was officially launched as an NGO in 2017 after it was duly registered.

Our Story

The story of INITIATIVE 4 IT CAPACITY BUILDING started in 2013. It started as part of Company Social Responsibility of Ephraim IT (an IT services consultancy in Lagos).

The aim is to see the rise of & help to build quality IT professionals within the polity,

From 2013 to date, 10 IT professional’s have benefited from Internship programs ranging from between 6 & 12 months, practical IT skills were horned & industry recognized certifications awarded.


Our Vision

INITIATIVE 4 IT CAPACITY BUILDINGĀ mission of Career and Internship Services is to empower students, Graduates and undergraduates and even alumni to discover, develop, evaluate, and implement their unique professional goals as they prepare for careers in an evolving global workforce.


Our Mission


  • Leverage partnerships/relationships for training
  • Internship opportunities
  • Facilitate IT related Education Programmes & Workshops
  • Student Centered
  • Enhance student learning by calling on a wide variety of resources for your goals
  • Learn how to set general goals using curriculum frameworks and guides
  • Sustainability, Collaboration & insights
  • Awareness for Social Impact
  • Excellence & High quality Service
  • Affiliation with similar international bodies
  • Initiation of Tertiary Institutions


Registration Status:

INITIATIVE 4 IT CAPACITY BUILDING is duly registered in Nigeria as a Non Governmental Organisation.


The affairs of INITIATIVE 4 IT CAPACITY BUILDINGĀ is over seen by an 8 persons board of trustees with various industry affiliations & experiences. The Board of Trustees bring to bear their experiences to help the Programme achieve her vision & mission. The Programme is lead by Mrs Dele Bayo-Osibo as its Founder.


To date its strategic partners include Ephraim IT, an Oracle Gold Partner company, Oracle Academy, DellEMC and many more promising partners to join in the nearest future.